Product Detail - Seekonk BT-4L T Handle Pre-Set Slip Type Torque Wrench 3/8" 50 - 250 in lbs

Seekonk BT-4L T Handle Pre-Set Slip Type Torque Wrench 3/8" 50 - 250 in lbs

Price: $613.15
In Stock: YES
Drive Size: 3/8"
Torque Range: 50 in. lbs. - 250 in. lbs.
Mode Of Operation: Lockup
Hammer Ends: Optional
Handle Length: 8 3/8"
Height: 5 3/8"
Weight: 28.5 oz.

The Seekonk slip type "T" handle family of tools has become the worldwide standard for torque hand tools. The concept of foolproof accurate torque control at a most reasonable cost has made the "T" handles indispensable in countless applications. That's why millions of this type of tool have been sold. Their success is based on solid steel construction and a torque mechanism machined from aircraft quality high alloy steel. Competition from cheap die cast tools never stood a chance. Seekonk's selection of extensive drive sizes and features makes it easy to find the tool that's perfect for your application. These durable torque tools are preset at the factory to a specified torque value. Upon reaching the specified torque value, the tools automatically release and reset. This action prevents tightening above the preset value despite continued turning.


Ratchet = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Ratchets When Turned Left.
Direct = Preset Torque Level Set In Both Right & Left Directions.
Lockup = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Locks When Turned Left.
Backoff = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Torques At 1 1/2 Times Preset Level When Turned Left.
Lockup collar = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Locking Collar Can Be Used When Turned Left.

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All tools are manufactured in Massachusetts and are shipped with complementary NIST certs.
All tools are manufactured in Massachusetts.
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